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Metadata on Pages

You can add fields to a markdown page (a note) in three different ways - via Frontmatter, Inline fields and Implicit fields. Read more about the first two possibilities in "how to add metadata".

Implicit Fields

Dataview automatically adds a large amount of metadata to each page. These implicit and automatically added fields are collected under the field file. Following are available:

Field Name Data Type Description Text The file name as seen in Obsidians sidebar.
file.folder Text The path of the folder this file belongs to.
file.path Text The full file path, including the files name.
file.ext Text The extension of the file type; generally md. Link A link to the file.
file.size Number The size (in bytes) of the file.
file.ctime Date with Time The date that the file was created.
file.cday Date The date that the file was created.
file.mtime Date with Time The date that the file was last modified.
file.mday Date The date that the file was last modified.
file.tags List A list of all unique tags in the note. Subtags are broken down by each level, so #Tag/1/A will be stored in the list as [#Tag, #Tag/1, #Tag/1/A].
file.etags List A list of all explicit tags in the note; unlike file.tags, does not break subtags down, i.e. [#Tag/1/A]
file.inlinks List A list of all incoming links to this file, meaning all files that contain a link to this file.
file.outlinks List A list of all outgoing links from this file, meaning all links the file contains.
file.aliases List A list of all aliases for the note as defined via the YAML frontmatter.
file.tasks List A list of all tasks (I.e., | [ ] some task) in this file.
file.lists List A list of all list elements in the file (including tasks); these elements are effectively tasks and can be rendered in task views.
file.frontmatter List Contains the raw values of all frontmatter in form of key | value text values; mainly useful for checking raw frontmatter values or for dynamically listing frontmatter keys. Date Only available if the file has a date inside its file name (of form yyyy-mm-dd or yyyymmdd), or has a Date field/inline field.
file.starred Boolean If this file has been bookmarked via the Obsidian Core Plugin "Bookmarks".

Example page

This is a small Markdown page which includes both user-defined ways to add metadata:

genre: "action"
reviewed: false
# Movie X

**Thoughts**:: It was decent.
**Rating**:: 6

[mood:: okay] | [length:: 2 hours]

In addition to the values you see here, the page has also all keys listed above available.

Example Query

You can query part of the above information with following query, for example:

TABLE file.ctime, length, rating, reviewed
FROM #movies