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Codeblock Examples

Grouped Books

Group your books by genre, then create a table for each sorted by rating via a straightforward usage of the dataview rendering API:

for (let group of dv.pages("#book").groupBy(p => p.genre)) {
    dv.header(3, group.key);
    dv.table(["Name", "Time Read", "Rating"],
            .sort(k => k.rating, 'desc')
            .map(k => [, k["time-read"], k.rating]))

Grouped Books Example

Find All Direct And Indirectly Linked Pages

Use a simple set + stack depth first search to find all notes linked to the current note, or a note of your choosing:

let page = dv.current().file.path;
let pages = new Set();

let stack = [page];
while (stack.length > 0) {
    let elem = stack.pop();
    let meta =;
    if (!meta) continue;

    for (let inlink of meta.file.inlinks.concat(meta.file.outlinks).array()) {
        if (pages.has(inlink.path)) continue;

// Data is now the file metadata for every page that directly OR indirectly links to the current page.
let data = dv.array(Array.from(pages)).map(p =>;