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A small collection of simple usages of the dataview query language.

Show all games in the games folder, sorted by rating, with some metadata:

  time-played AS "Time Played",
  length AS "Length",
  rating AS "Rating"
FROM "games"
SORT rating DESC
File Time Played Length Rating
Outer Wilds November 19th - 21st, 2020 15h 9.5
Minecraft All the time. 2000h 9.5
Pillars of Eternity 2 August - October 2019 100h 9

List games which are MOBAs or CRPGs.

LIST FROM #games/mobas OR #games/crpg

List all tasks in un-completed projects:

TASK FROM "dataview"

dataview/Project A

  • I am a task.
  • I am another task.

dataview/Project A

  • I could be a task, though who knows.
    • Determine if this is a task.
  • I'm a finished task.

List all of the files in the books folder, sorted by the last time you modified the file:

TABLE file.mtime AS "Last Modified"
FROM "books"
SORT file.mtime DESC
File Last Modified
Atomic Habits 11:06 PM - August 07, 2021
Can't Hurt Me 10:58 PM - August 07, 2021
Deep Work 10:52 PM - August 07, 2021

List all files which have a date in their title (of the form yyyy-mm-dd), and list them by date order.