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The @pjeby update! This includes several performance improvements suggested by @pjeby to dramatically improve background Dataview performance as well as reduce some memory pressure. It also includes some minor bug-fixes and preliminary functionality:

  • Target ES2018 for better Promise support
  • Allow parsing shorthands in
  • Add additional metadata to inline field rendering which can be styled.
  • Cleanup events & workers on plugin uninstall, improving the Dataview uninstall/disable/reload experience.
  • Add preliminary CALENDAR queries - rendering similar to the obsidian-calendar plugin, see the documentation!

Dataview should perform much better on startup and when you have lots of tabs open - thanks again to @pjeby.


Bugfix release which primarily fixes issues that Dataview had with the live preview mode in upcoming Obsidian versions; Dataview live preview should now be functional. Also includes a number of smaller bugfixes.

  • Fix #646: Add date(yesterday) to create a date 24 hours ago.
  • Fix #618: Luxon is now available on the dataview API (dv.luxon).
  • Fix #510: Add dv.duration() for parsing durations.
  • Fix #647: All HTML functions in the DataviewJS API now return their rendered objects.
  • Fix #652: Fix parsing of invalid dates.
  • Fix #629: Fix block link parsing.
  • Fix #601: Timezones are now rendered properly and parsed properly in Dataview dates.
  • PR #637: Add meta(link) which allows you to access various metadata about a link itself.
  • Various minor null safety fixes.
  • Dataview now reports it's exact version and build time in logs.


Some feature work (mostly by other contributors) while I while away at section metadata. May also fix a few bugs!

  • Fix #448: You can now use the "Task Completion Tracking" option to automatically add completion metadata to tasks which are checked/unchecked through Dataview. Thanks to @sheeley.
  • Add a search bar to documentation. Thanks to @tzhou.
  • Add new date expressions for the start of the week (date(sow)), and the end of the week (date(eow)). Thanks @Jeamee and @v_mujunma.

Small minor bugfix / security releases may follow in the near future; otherwise, the next major release will include section and object metadata.


Bugfix release which corrects emoji parsing & localization issues.

  • Add DataArray#into, which lets you index into objects without flattening.
  • Renamed 'header' to 'section' in task metadata; 'header' will remain around for a few major releases to let people naturally migrate.
  • Fix #487: You no longer need spaces around '*' in expressions.
  • Fix #559: Fix unicode issues in variable canonicalization which was causing problems with non-Latin inline field keys.

Duration Parsing

You can now include multiple units in durations: dur(8 minutes, 4 seconds) or dur(2yr8mo12d). You can separate durations by commas, or use the abbreviated syntax with/without spaces.


Bugfix release which fixes bad inline field highlighting if '[' and '(' are mixed on the same line in particular orders.


Minor feature release to patch up more implementation holes.

Single File Queries

You can now query from a specific file (instead of just folders and tags) by specifying the full file path:

TASK FROM "dataview/Test"

This is primarily useful for task queries, but will soon be useful for section and object queries in the near future as well.

Better Inline Field Highlighting

The CSS for inline field highlighting has been fixed and some compatibility issues improved, so it should work on all themes now instead of only a few.


DataviewJS now has dv.el(), which is like existing functions like dv.paragraph and dv.span but can create any HTML element type; for example:

dv.el("b", "Text!");
dv.el("i", 18);


Small performance release which substantially reduces the impact Dataview has on vault loading times (by spreading out file loading). The Dataview Index is now also eagerly initialized, so plugin consumers of the API can immediately start using it instead of waiting for the dataview:api-ready event.


A simple fix for #537 which properly 'awaits' value rendering in dv.view(). Fixes issues with values rendering out of order.


Small bugfix release.

  • Fixes inline field evaluation when using the new fancy highlighting.
  • You can now configure whether task links should show up at the beginning or end of the task (or just disable them) in the "Task Link Location" setting.
  • Most setting updates will immediately be applied to existing Dataviews.


Bugfix release which adds fancy rendering to inline-inline fields and includes a few bugfixes.

Pretty Inline Fields

Inline fields of the form [key:: value] will now be rendered with fancy new HTML! By default, they are rendered with both the key and value. You can only render the value using parenthesis instead: (key:: value). You can disable this feature in the configuration.

Full-line inline fields (that Dataview has supported for a long time) will gain similar rendering support soon; in the meanwhile, give the new syntax a try!

Task Linking

Tasks now render with a link to the page/section that they are defined in, making GROUP BY and custom task editing easier to do:

  • A Task. 🔗
  • Another Task. 🔗
    • Some Random Subtask. 🔗

You can configure the symbol for the link or disable it alltogether.

Improving DataviewJS Posture

I am currently actively looking into improving DataviewJS sandboxing and general security posture. As a first small step in this, I have made DataviewJS opt-in instead of opt-out, and added a separate control for Inline DataviewJS. You may need to re-enable it in your settings if you use it.

More improvements and better JavaScript sandboxing will follow.


Re-release of 0.4.12 that fixes an important indexing issue.

  • Fix #505: Use completion instead of completed when setting task completion time.
  • Fix #509: Add startswith / endswith string functions.
  • Fix #488: Add padleft and padright, and string.
  • Fix #506, #512: Fix date comparisons due to a bizarre date zone issue.


Bugfix release following up 0.4.11 which includes a few minor function additions.

  • Fix #512: Strange zone issue causing dates to not be equal.
  • Fix #506: Same as #512.
  • Fix #488: Add padleft / padright functions.
  • Fix #509: Add startswith and endswith functions.
  • Fix #505: Correctly read completion dates for tasks from completion.

This release also includes improved testing thanks to mocking Obsidian plugin APIs!


Fixes task behavior and adds "truly inline" fields!

Improved Task Behavior

Task queries are now much improved from their primitive foundations - you can now filter, sort, and group them! The FROM block is still page-based, sadly, though you can simply use WHERE instead if desired. For example, you can now access task fields like text, line, or completed:

TASK WHERE contains(text, "#tag")
WHERE !completed
GROUP BY file.folder

The full list of all available task metadata can be found here; tasks include all the information needed to uniquely identify them, and automatically inherit all of the metadata from their parent file as well (so you can access, for example). You can also annotate tasks with inline fields, as described in the section below.

There is some additional UX work to be done - primarily on more easily allowing you to navigate to where the task is defined, as well as render tasks in views other than the TASK view. The semantics of how grouping works (to make it more intuitive/useful than it currently is) will likely also be revisited.

Inline Inline Fields

Early support for truly inline fields have been added, where you can add metadata in the middle of a sentence. It looks similar to existing inline field syntax, but with brackets or parenthesis:

I would rate this a [rating:: 6]. It was (thoughts:: acceptable).

Improved rendering for all inline fields is coming in an unpcoming update to improve the visual look of these inline fields.


  • Fix #496: Fix task SORT functionality to do something.
  • Fix #492: Tasks now properly annotated with parent file information.
  • Fix #498: Fix task checking/unchecking logic (which broke due to a change in the task regex...).


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