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Structure of a Query

The dataview query language is a simple, structured, custom query language for quickly creating views on your data. It supports:

  • Fetching pages associated with tags, folders, links, and so on.
  • Filtering pages / data by simple operations on fields, like comparison, existence checks, and so on.
  • Sorting results based on fields.

The query language supports the following view types, described below:

  1. TABLE: The traditional view type; one row per data point, with several columns of field data.
  2. LIST: A list of pages which match the query. You can output a single associated value for each page.
  3. TASK: A list of tasks whose pages match the given query.
  4. CALENDAR: A calendar view displaying each hit via a dot on its reffered date

Read more about the available types here

General Format

The general format for queries is:

TABLE|LIST|TASK <field> [AS "Column Name"], <field>, ..., <field> 
FROM <source>
WHERE <expression>
SORT <expression> [ASC/DESC]
... other data commands

Only the Query Type (table/list/task/calendar) statement is required - if the "from" statement is omitted, the query runs for all files in your vault. You can specify data commands like WHERE multiple times; they will run in the order they are written.

The most basic example of a dataview query is:


which will list all files in your vault. Find more examples here.